Services provided by Seven Sigma

Seven Sigma Software and Services, our Principal, Jeff Dickey, as well as our associate consultants, are highly experienced in a wide variety of IT-related fields. Mr. Dickey has been continuously engaged in the craft of software development since 1979, and founded Seven Sigma in 1986 as a software-related services and development firm.

In the intervening years, we have worked on an amazing variety of projects for clients across the IT-using spectrum &em; from three-man startups to several Fortune Global 500 enterprises, as well as several Government-linked projects in the US and several other countries. As implied above, all such projects have involved Mr. Dickey, along with any industry-specific or technology-specific internal associates as may sometimes be helpful. In all cases, Mr. Dickey assumes sole and complete responsibility for dealing with you (the client) directly, and ensuring complete project success and satisfaction.

We offer services in the following major areas:

  • Business Information Technology Transformation for Effectiveness (BITTE™): helping you (re)gain control of your IT-related business processes;

  • Standards-compliant, search-effective Web development;

  • High-quality software development;

  • Consulting on software and Web development process improvement;

  • Authoring and editing of technical and non-technical documentation for different audiences and media.