Navigate your sea of information.

If you don't write it down, it never happened.

Whether you are a business professional, a creative genius, or a technical expert (or some combination of these), you live in a sea of structured information. Commonly lumped together as "documents", this information spans an ever-expanding array of media and sources: print, PDF documents, intranet and Internet Web pages and Wiki, and many more.

Some documents, like Wikis, are "living" documents, with content that changes over time to reflect changes in the subject matter (such as the accumulated knowledge relevant to an ongoing project). Others may be required for various business or regulatory reasons, with definite, auditable histories. One of the (true) clichés of the Information Age is that the information we generate and use on a regular basis is increasing, at an increasing rate.

This poses several major challenges for you and your organization:

  • How do you originate, format, produce and distribute documents in or by you and your organization?

  • How do you ensure that these documents continue to meet the needs for which they were created?

  • How do you ensure that the information in your documents is accessible during the entire required life of the document? For instance, it is a common regulatory requirement that documents be preserved for a number of years; if your media or document format is not supported over that entire required period of time, you may incur the (future) wrath of your regulators.

  • And, equally importantly, what steps should you take to ensure that documents which you rely on that originate outside your organization are similarly managed and available?

We'll help you avoid the rocks.

Our information-management services include:

  • Creating, editing and maintaining documents for technical and non-technical audiences;
  • Consulting on information formats, media, storage and distribution techniques and policies appropriate for your varying needs;
  • Training and supporting your information authors, users, support staff and other stakeholders as you develop, pilot, deploy and support your specific information services;
  • Working with you and your other vendors, contractors, and other affected outside parties to help ensure that your information workflow meets your specific needs as effectively as is practical.

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