Background of Jeff Dickey

Jeff Dickey is the Principal Consultant for Seven Sigma Software and Services, which has been his consulting service's branding identity since 1986. With thirty years' experience in the craft of software development and related disciplines, developing projects and products for numerous companies and in widely differing fields, Mr. Dickey brings a rare breadth and depth of technical and business experience to bear on each project undertaken.

As a master software craftsman and leader, Mr. Dickey has been involved with most of the important shifts in IT in the past few decades. Starting with pioneering microcomputers in the late 1970s, through client/server computing in the 1980s and leading into the modern Internet era, he has participated in and led software development efforts for a wide variety of systems, including:

  • the birth and rise of Microsoft operating systems, from DOS through all versions of Windows up to Windows 7 and Server 2008;

  • the growth of the Apple Macintosh from its origins in 1984 to the uniquely productive, secure and stable system of today;

  • numerous dedicated or embedded systems, e.g., network security appliances;

  • cross-platform and multi-platform development (one project supported over thirty different hardware/OS configurations, with coordinated releases on average every six months with a team of 2-5 developers).

He has also been active in commercial and open-source Internet and Web software development since well before they were widely popular, “mainstream” technologies. Though relying on associates' graphic arts skills, he has solid experience with Web development for efficiency, cost-effectiveness and support for the widest possible user base, from Windows to Mac to Linux to smartphones to search engines like Google.

Résumé of Jeff Dickey

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