BITTE™: A Solution to the Problem

Enter BITTE™, the Business IT Transformation for Effectiveness, a set of services provided by Seven Sigma Software and Services.

BITTE improves the control over the business processes performed by computer users, particularly in small and mid-size organizations (up to a few thousand systems). By identifying the business needs and processes that drive your organization's use of software, identifying multiple available solutions, including (but not limited to) free and open-source software, your organization can improve internal controls and reduce uncontrolled, unpredictable risk by standardizing on tools that free you from reliance on a single vendor wholly outside your influence.

In many cases, with both free/open source software and commercial products from customer-centric companies, vibrant "communities" have grown around these software systems, in addition to more "traditional" corporate-backed support, so that improving support and adding specialized features as your business needs them is quite feasible. Your software-backed business processes are now as fully under your control, if not more so, as your corporate travel budget - now and for the long term.

BITTE is a sequence of straightforward activities which most organizations will have little trouble tracking progress and verifying that each step delivers the expected business value, as well as developing expected artifacts (information and processes) needed in later steps.

These activities include:

  1. Business needs analysis;
  2. Application software evaluation and designation;
  3. Application software transition, including training;
  4. System software evaluation and designation;
  5. System software transition, including training;
  6. Designing and implementing a process for evolution and growth.
  7. and several more. contact us for details.

We will discuss each of these in the following pages. First, business needs analysis.